Chi Clean Floor Cleaning System (Wet Pad, Dry Pad and Head)

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A Super-Easy System! Very Hygeinic!


Floor Cleaning System-

Includes: Mop plus one dry and one wet pad.

No more pushing dirt around! This mop leaves a hygienic residue-free polished surface that is almost dry. Throw away your buckets!

Mop Pole and Head has an extendable handle and swivel head which allows the mop to reach under furniture and into high places.

Dry Pad for sweeping floors, dusting walls, ceilings, architraves, under furniture. Pads are oversized which makes it perfect for corners and difficult places to reach. Dust clings to the pad so rooms are fresher and healthier. Pet owners and renovators will love it! An amazing way to clean wood in preparation for painting and varnishing. 

Wet Pad for washing polished floors, tiles, vinyl & lino, cork and slate, walls, ceilings. This is too simple really. Use the pad damp and well wrung out. You can do the whole floor in a fraction of the time. If you have a large area and the mop becomes a little dry you can simple splash half a cup of water on the floor and continue cleaning. If the floors are particularly dirty you can remove the pad rinse in hot water and then proceed with your clean. If you encounter an extra dirty patch simply apply some pressure with your foot on the head.

Laundering: Hot soapy wash and rinse well.

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Chi Clean creator Judith Richardson’s motto “cleaning that doesn't cost the earth” is very true with the creation of her remarkable micro fibre products. Her main prerogative is to promote chemical free green cleaning. All you need is water and let her amazing products do the rest. An amazing woman with an affordable, sustainable and easier mindset, we love supporting her and her cause and can’t wait to supply her Chi Clean.

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