The Fermentary Live Probiotic Kim-Chi (From $11.90)

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A Probiotic Dream!


The Fermentary's Kim Chi is a labour of love.  They peel the garlic themselves by hand (yep, it's A LOT of garlic).  Also lots ginger. And gorgeous, pure Korean chilli.  The best, naturally slow fermented fish sauce - with 3 ingredients: anchovies, salt and TIME.  Organic slow fermented tamari.  It's good. You'll want to eat more.  It is the best Kim Chi we have ever tasted. 

Think about this: raw AND fermented garlic and ginger goodness. With fermented carrots, daikon, wombok and spring onion.  Forget probiotic immune boosting and all that. Forget that and just eat because its real and it's goooood. 

It is also available in a vegan version without the fermented fish sauce! We just adore the Fermentary!

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The fabulous Sharon from the Fermentary is fiercely committed to using TIME as her key ingredient.  There are no starter cultures nor whey just the ancient art of freshly pulled, simple ingredients. She relies on fermentation itself.  Her ferments are simple, honest and a true slow food, capturing the flavours of that particular batch of vegetables and the time they were pulled from the earth.

In a physical sense The Fermentary is a fabulous kitchen with a touch of laboratory. A bustling yet peaceful place where the vats sit patiently fermenting their veggies, full of self importance. Sharon loves to be in this light, industrious space,  nothing fills her with more pride than to look at her vats and crocks in rows, sitting in their dark, temperature controlled space working their way to becoming a delicious, raw, wild, probiotic rich, health giving food. 

This lady creates masterpieces! We ONLY stock her proper ferments!


KIMCHI : Time, Wombok, daikon, carrot, garlic, ginger, spring onion, korean chilli powder, Celtic sea salt, raw sugar,  fish sauce (anchovies, salt) tamari (soy beans, water, sea salt, grain alcohol -wheat free)     (may contain traces of love)

VEGAN KIMCHI: Time, cabbage, sweet potato, daikon, carrot, spring onion, korean chilli powder, celtic sea salt, raw sugar, tamari (soy beans, water, sea salt, grain alcohol -wheat free.   (may contain traces of love)

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