Carrots Purple Baby (Small VIC Farmer) 500g

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Try these delicious local Purple Carrots!


Purple Carrots have extra antioxidant power because of their unique anthocyanins, as well as extra beta-carotenes. Anthocyanins are special color pigments that double as pretty powerful antioxidants. Antioxidants are common in many of the red, blue, and purple produce and work to combat free radicals. Free radicals damage our body’s cells and we intake them in many ways, including ingesting deep fried foods. The extra antioxidants in purple carrots are great for the prevention of blood clotting and, therefore, also heart diseases. They are anti-inflammatory agents as well as anti-bacterial.

Carrots are damaged by ethylene, which is an odorless, harmless gas emitted by summer fruits, apples, avocados, mushrooms and tomatoes. To store Carrots, remove their green tops, rinse, drain, and put the carrots in our Onya Reusable Produce bags and store them in the coldest part of the refrigerator with the highest humidity.

Serene Nature House recommends that you set the two drawers in the fridge at a high humidity setting which means that you set the drawers to close off completely from bringing in air. You use these drawers for your greens, cruciferous vegetables, cucumbers, berries, eggplants and herbs. For your other fruits, avocados, mushrooms and bananas you can use the middle or top shelf. This will keep these fruits and vegetables segragated and elongate the life of your produce!

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With over 60 years experience in buying and selling fresh produce, Nick offers the best fruit and vegetables available. Connecting the public to small farmers and cutting out the middle man, their veggies are the freshest you will find and organically sourced where possible. They have so much knowledge on the best produce and we are very excited to join hands with this wonderful business and supply you their delicious veggies and fruits in Melbourne.

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