Spiral Foods Miso Instant Organic Soup 60g

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Prepared with Fermented Soybeans!


Organic Instant Miso soup is made from naturally fermented soybean paste (miso) that has been freeze-dried, then blended with Wakame (sea vegetables) and spring onions, the soup is easily prepared by simply adding boiling water.

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Spreading their passion of traditional organic foods for over 4 decades, the Spiral Foods company believe that “good, safe, wholesome food is a basic human right”. Made with love for the earth and an emphasis on providing nourishment across the generations of people, we truly love spiral foods and can’t wait to start supplying their delicious products.


Organic brown rice miso (soybeans, brown rice, salt, koji seed), organic barley miso (soybeans, barley, salt, koji seeds), wakame, kombu.

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