Healthy Bake Sourdough Gluten Free Sliced Bread

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100% Gluten Free Sourdough Kid-Friendly Breads! Scroll-Down for Spelt!


Gluten Free alternative sourdough breads that are yeast FREE & dairy FREE

With no added sugar, no preservatives, and a great traditional taste!

100% certified organic flours used in all breads & proper sourdough!

These delicious sourdough breads are kid-friendly and come pre-sliced!

It really does not get better than Healthy Bake Sourdough breads, rolls, buns and bases!

Additional Information



Healthybake is a family business established in 2001 with the vision of providing high quality organic baked products to the Australian and international marketplace.




The company’s principle objective was to attempt to meet the increasing demand from a more informed public, with a range of food products that were free from chemical contaminants such as pesticides, herbicides, heavy metal residues etc.
With the above in mind we have developed a set of benchmarks that are standards we will not compromise on.


As an extension of our policy to use only certified organic flour in our products.  We looked for alternative grains that did not have the inherent digestive problems that the extensively used common wheat grains had. This brought us to the decision to use the unhybridised and highly nutritious ancient grains such as Spelt, Kamut and Pharaoh in our products. 




Our philosophy is to use only Australian grown flours where possible, however due to drought and lack of availability we occasionally have to import certified organic flour. All flour is milled to an exacting Healthybake specification and is batch tested by our in-house QA procedures. 


We now have a unique range of organic wheat alternative products, but this was not the end of the story we needed to make our products taste great.




We achieved this with a combination of research, testing, using only the very best ingredients and many years of bakery experience and knowledge.


With an uncompromising policy of using only the very best quality organic ingredients, a total dedication to quality control through every step of our manufacturing process and the highly trained quality baking staff we believe we have achieved a range of products that are exceptional.




Healthybake is always looking at developing new and exciting products; with this in mind in 2006, at the culmination of many months of painstaking research and development we released a range of organic gluten free long life products that we believe is unique in the market.




We have many more new products in the development stage that will be released onto the market as soon as we are happy that they comply with our philosophy and meet our exacting standards. So keep our web site in your favorites and look us up regularly.


All breads have been made with gluten free respective grain flours including; Brown Rice Flour, Tapioca Starch, Potato Starch and a small amount of Soy Flour and the base ingredients including; Filtered Water, Olive Oil, Sea Salt, Sourdough Culture (Contains Acidophilus & Bifidus); the fruits included are: dates, apricots, peaches and pears, the seeds included are: linseed, sunflower, pepitas, the nuts included are: almonds and walnuts.

The key is that there are hydrogenated oils used in the breads. The average weight of all loafs that are sliced is 650g. And the Soy Flour has been properly soaked to deactivate the phytic acid.

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