41 Degrees South Tasmania Classic Hot Smoked Salmon 200g Piece

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The salmon farm is an inland fish farm rearing salmon in the cold and pristine fresh water sourced from the Montana Falls.

There are twenty fresh-water ponds which at any one time house around 10,000 Tasmanian Atlantic Salmon in various stages of grow-out.  The smallest are 10 cm in length and the salmon are generally harvested at a length of about 45 cm.  The technical variety of the salmon farmed are salmo salar .

All salmon that are grown in Tasmania are born in fresh water in a hatchery and then usually farmed in the ocean. The salmon at 41 degrees south are unique in that the fish live in fresh water through their life.

Another unique aspect to the salmon farm is that, the water that feeds the fish farm and carries organic waste products from the growing fish, is reticulated from the ponds and through various levels and stages of native wetlands. The wetlands act as a 100% natural filter removing all the organic waste, feeding the native flora and returning pristine water back into the Western Creek Rivulet, the very creek that creates the Montana Falls and is the source of farm’s water.

41° South Tasmania is arguably the most environmentally friendly inland salmon farm in Australia.

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The farm is on Montana Road about 15 minutes west of Deloraine, Northern Tasmania. It is surrounded by dense native Tasmanian bushland just 500 m from the Montana Falls.  Native wetland along the Western Creek Rivulet runs the length of its northern boundary.

Today the site is a beautiful example of a native Tasmanian wetland with hundreds of species of native flora and fauna that includes many species of birds as well as being home to the platypus, a testament to the pristine state of the water.

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