My name is Serene and welcome to my Nature House.

Living in lovely Melbourne has instilled in me a passion for small local farmers, suppliers and the best of the best food available. A few years back, I started to frequent Farmers’ Markets. Upon tasting and tantalising my taste buds in all the local produce, I thought how wonderful it would be to provide a service where I can link small farmers and suppliers to others. Passionate about real food, I set up Serene Nature House to provide you access to genuinely healthy food that does not follow trends but real science!

Serene Nature House aims at providing you greater accessibility to the best sustainable, ethical and healthy produce and products in Australia.

  • Fresh to Order - place orders by Monday 8pm for a Thursday delivery (all chicken orders are placed by 4pm Sunday)– we deliver once a week because we prepare everything fresh to order and collect direct from our farmers!
  • Local and Healthy - we give preference to all things Australian Made or Owned!
  • Convenient Delivery - we deliver our mini-market of goodies to all of Metropolitan Melbourne for a fixed rate of $6.99, irrespective of the weight!
  • Accessible - we save you time and money by bringing the farmers’ market to your door!
  • Affordable - you can eat healthy, organic foods at comparable prices to conventional foods!
  • Chemical and Pesticide Free - some of our farmers and suppliers are certified organic- others can’t afford certification but use chemical free ingredients!
  • Trend Free - just because something is labelled ‘organic’ does not make it healthy- we do not supply packaged juices & drinks, puffed breakfast cereals and processed oils!
  • Free Health Demonstrations - join us at our premises in Keilor Park every Sunday from 11.00am to 1:00pm where we share knowledge on important health and nutrition issues!
  • Free Health Assessments - we do not supply supplements without the advice of a health professional – we are proud to refer you to Ross Wilson, our qualified Herbalist, for a free health assessment at his practice in Coburg – Ross has helped thousands of people and shares our philosophy that good health and healing should be affordable for all!
  • Do-It-Yourself Fermentation Workshops - our resident chef Michael will teach us the art of wild fermentation!
  • Community Action - we are uniting with Lock the Gate Alliance, a national coalition of people protecting our land, water and air from unsafe mining practices – by supporting small farmers at risk we are all taking a stand!

Serene Nature House gets behind the Australian Made Campaign

Serene Nature House joins Lock the Gate Alliance to protect our land from Unsafe Mining Practices

We have done the research to help you make the best choices.



Serene Nature House has zero tolerance for products that have been tested on animals or involve cruel practices on animals. We are very proud to supply products that carry the ‘Not Tested on Animals’ logo. Serene Nature House is also against factory farming which is a system of raising animals using ‘intensive production methods’ such as:

  • Confining egg-laying birds such as chickens to cages or small spaces
  • Using growth-promoting hormones on animals
  • Using antibiotics on animals
  • Beak-trimming, wing-clipping and toe-trimming of birds including chicken, turkey and duck without sedation
  • Raising cattle in confined feedlots and letting them fester in their manure and feeding them acid-forming grains
  • The tails on the small lambs are clipped
  • Sows/pigs are locked down in stalls and cruel practices such as teeth clipping, tail docking and nose ringing are regularly applied to them
  • The continual impregnation of cows and the slaughter of bobby calves.

CCF has accredited the business as adopting a cruelty-free ethic and the products are not tested on animals.


Click for essential reference to animal welfare labeling in Australia.

The Rainforest Alliance and Fair Trade logos let us know that farmers have received a fair price, have security for long-term contracts, have improved working conditions, engaged in sustainable farming and have supported their communities by not engaging in child exploitation.

Palm Oil Investigations is educating people on the effects of unregulated palm oil; including: deforestation of palm trees in South East Asia, destruction of the orangutans, Sumatran tigers and Asian rhinoceros, and products containing unregulated palm oil.

RSPO was established to set up a certification scheme for sustainable palm oil. Unfortunately, some companies are not meeting their commitments. Given this, Serene Nature House has ensured that any product containing sustainable palm oil is from genuine, active members of the RSPO.


I have dedicated a lot of time in the last few years researching and trying products and getting my family members and friends on the organic bandwagon. I have always been a health conscious person. Serene Nature House supports a number of ethical and sustainable farming practices including, organic, biodynamic, genuine free-range and integrated pest management. It is important to note that while many of our small farmers and suppliers may not be able to afford organic or biodynamic certification, Serene Nature House is proud to support and promote them, as their practices do not involve the use of synthetic chemicals and fertilisers.


Organic farming uses techniques free from synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, hormones, antibiotics in livestock, GMO’s, human sludge and nanomaterials. The following logos are administered by certifying bodies that attest that the farmer has used organic farming techniques:

Australian Organic Group

National Association for Sustainable Agriculture

Organic Food Chain

Serene Nature House believes that these certifying bodies should consolidate under one umbrella to ensure consistency in guidelines, streamline costs and improve customer understanding.


Biodynamic farming uses a holistic approach to activate and nurture the life of soil, plants and animals without the use of artificial or synthetic chemicals, fertilisers, GMO’s or additives. This is the Australian Demeter logo run by the Biodynamic Research Institute, which certifies food as biodynamic:

Genuine Free Range

Terms such as ‘free range’, intended to signify that intense production methods have not been applied on animals, have been misused. We support the work of Human Choice in setting high ethical standards in ‘free range’ labelling.

Integrated Pest Management

IPM is an effective combination of chemical (restricted to natural and biological), cultural (such as farm management practices), and biological methods to keep weeds, insect pest numbers, disease pressure, and other crop production problems down without relying on synthetic chemicals.


Through my inspiration for healthy living, I began studying and I am currently completing my qualifications to become an ‘Accredited Nutritionist’. In the process of discovery along the years, I realised the highly processed nature of foods and products used every day has meant that we have been exposed to a lot of harmful additives and chemicals. Over time, these additives and chemicals have become concentrated in our bodies. Serene Nature House prides itself on supplying personal care and food products that are free from harmful additives and chemicals.

Additives To Avoid:

The Food Intolerance Network is an important organisation that provides a wealth of resources on the effects of food on behaviour, health and learning in children and adults. The Food Intolerance Network has prepared a comprehensive list of additives, marked in red, that must be avoided: List of Additives to Avoid

Nasty Chemicals to Avoid:

Safe Cosmetics Australia assists consumers to exclude harmful chemicals from products they use by delivering a toxic-free list of companies that do not use nasty chemicals. Safe Cosmetics Australia has prepared a comprehensive list of nasty chemicals to avoid: Nasty Chemicals to Avoid

Serene Nature House supplies products that do not contain additives marked in red or nasty chemicals to avoid. We also do not supply products that contain nano-particles.  Nanotechnology is being used in cosmetics, moisturisers and some sunscreens to increase the product’s penetration into the skin; however, this has been linked to skin cancer.


Serene Nature House prides itself on delivering products in safe packaging. This includes a strict prohibition on canned items and plastic packaging that contain Bisphenol-A (‘BPA’), phthalates and other bisphenol chemicals. Many manufacturers do not use BPA directly but have introduced in their products other bisphenol chemicals which as are as controversial as BPA. These chemicals have been linked to neural and behavioural effects on foetuses, infants and children. Serene Nature House provides products in recyclable glass, PET packaging that is BPA and phthalates free (PET is a plastic resin that is recyclable), and in cotton recyclable bags.


This is the logo for the True Food Network site which is run by the Safe Food Foundation which provides a wealth of resources on genetically modified organisms (‘GMO’s). GMO’s pose a real threat to our health as has been recently demonstrated by the comprehensive study conducted by Prof Gilles-Eric Séralini. The crops in Australia produced using GMO’s are cotton and canola. But overseas packaged foods usually contain GMO’s through corn, maize and soy.